About C APP



C-APP is an online platform connecting live events that showcases/enhances unidentified talents to the world right from the home, connects users with people of choice [Sending messages to a friend, creating group posts] and identified talents as contestants of converge competition across the world, as personalize experience by status updates, profile photos, and editing contents on your profile.
It’s the engine and bumper that keeps, converge the society in balance and bringing the excitement that never ends; is a society benefit based service/product application. Strategically focused on providing unmatched and unequaled society’s convenience, satisfaction, experience, recreation, excitement and access to wealth permeating all Countries.

The Pocket Money Grant
The Comedy Portal
The Music Trek
The Modeling Portal
The SAS Portal
The C-talk
The C – Coin

The “Pocket Money Grant” is a portal where questions pops once every week and the first 20persons to answer the questions correctly gets a grant stipend of N2000.

The “Comedy Portal” is a feature in the app designed to help our upcoming comedians to showcase their talents to the world, where you upload your comedy clips and ask your friends, fellow Cverge app users to like and comment on your post and if you are one of those that has the highest likes, then you will go for a live show where you can showcase your comedy talent to the world and as well go home with prices.

The “Music Trek Portal” as well offers upcoming artists the chances to showcase their talents to the world, by uploading a video/audio of what you can do with your voice and invite your friends (fellow Cverge app users) to like and comment on your clip and if you are one of the highest liked, will be called for a live show where you show your talent to the world and get paid as winners…..

The “Modeling Portal” offers beautiful and handsome ladies and gentlemen the chances to become the models of their dreams at the comfort of their homes, by uploading a photo of you in the modeling portal, invite your fellow Cverge app users to like and comment on your picture and you stand the chance to win the the prices and modelling contracts.

The “Secondary Academic Sponsorship (SAS)” is a portal where students in the secondary school who are due for jamb and waec enrollment answer questions, the first 200persons to answer correctly serially within five months and get 40percent will be offered a free jamb and waec enrollment fee.

The “C-Talk” is where you chat with your friends, families, enemies and loved ones just like your facebook messenger…

The “C – Coin” is a package added for the app users, every login you make daily increases your coins, when it gets to hundred, you are entitled to withdraw N1000

C-APP Website

You are to make a one time annual five hundred Naira (N500) Charge to access the services.