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With C APP, you can share images of your best moments and earn coins from the like and comments you get.


Be trusted, lead a better Nigeria, show us how you can do that and we would help you gladly.


Official Description

C-APP is an online platform connecting live events that showcases/enhances unidentified talents to the world right from the home, connects users with people of choice [Sending messages to a friend, creating group posts] and identified talents as contestants of converge competition across the world, as personalize experience by status updates, profile photos, and editing contents on your profile.

We provide the platform to showcase/enhance your talents to the world right from your home


qualifying series to partake in the annual National Converge competitions, pressing green [         ] buttons   in the qualifying series / voting contestants of choice in our competitions, and other contents that you see on C-APP Rolling/slide; posts, update on live converge events, live converge draws, adverts on products, Trending Converge Global Initiative issues and breaking news around the World.


The “Music Trek Portal” as well offers upcoming artists the chances to showcase their talents to the world, by uploading a video/audio of what you can do with your voice and invite your friends (fellow Cverge app users) to like and comment on your clip and if you are one of the highest liked, will be called for a live show where you show your talent to the world and get paid as winners…..


The “Comedy Portal” is a feature in the app designed to help our upcoming comedians to showcase their talents to the world, where you upload your comedy clips and ask your friends, fellow Cverge app users to like and comment on your post and if you are one of those that has the highest likes, then you will go for a live show where you can showcase your comedy talent to the world and as well go home with prices.


The “Modeling Portal” offers beautiful and handsome ladies and gentlemen the chances to become the models of their dreams at the comfort of their homes, by uploading a photo of you in the modeling portal, invite your fellow Cverge app users to like and comment on your picture and you stand the chance to win the the prices and modelling contracts.


The “Secondary Academic Sponsorship (SAS)” is a portal where students in the secondary school who are due for jamb and waec enrollment answer questions, the first 200persons to answer correctly serially within five months and get 40percent will be offered a free jamb and waec enrollment fee.

Introducing The C TALK

The C-Talk is where you chat with your friends, families, enemies and loved ones just like your facebook messenger...

Introducing Pocket Money

The “Pocket Money Grant” is a portal where questions pops once every week and the first 20persons to answer the questions correctly gets a grant stipend of N2000.


Earn point which is later converted to money just for using the C APP.


Earn Money by answering questions on the C APP.


Voting of all contestants in Converge competitions are done here, just like the pictures in the respective protals to vote contestant of choice. Extra vote on a particular converge contestant for a particular contest may attract extra charge

We connect you with people and contestants of Converge Shows you choose to all across the World.

We help you connect and communicate with people that matters to you and contestants of Converge Shows across the world using C-APP and personalize your experience; status updates, profile photos, and sending messages to a friend or several people, creating groups, or editing content on your profile.

I am Feyi, a model, a makeup artist. i have been entitled to be the official C APP face, celebrate with me on this awesome title. you can be the next C APP face.

Feyi Kemi

make up artist and model


Most frequent questions and answers about C APP

To register, visit web.cvergeapp.com and then follow the form for payment. after payment wait and you will be redirected to another registration form asking for your details , fill that form and log in there after. alternatively, you can make transfer to the email highlighted on this website and upload a proof of payment after which you will get registered.

To change your C APP password, click on the menu object that shows a gravater at the top of the app and then head down to profile settings.

Go to profile settings by clicking on the account menu gravater at the top of C APP and then go to profile settings

To make coins on C APP, increase the time you spend on C APP and make sure you participate and use all C APP features. comment on posts and updates, make push, invite friends to c app, share the app, and join a portal.

Once you become a C BRONZE user, you get paid 5k and once you upgrade also, you get paid 5k, it might take a week to verify your C APP progress.

It all as simple as joining the portal, wait for questions and posts from the C APP admin and once you can accurately give a correct answer to questions, you can win cool cash.

It is as simple as liking the desired picture and if posible share. also the higher likes you get can make you the winner for a week or a day. just make sure you invite friends to like and comment on your update on the portal.

The live show shall be once a year where winner’s will be offered cash prizes above 2million naira, car gift and an annual contract sign up.

Request Sign up

Are you finding difficulties paying your #500?  do you have a problem with your bank account or you don’t have a bank account? you can now request sign up by making manual or bank transfer payments to the account below and then upload proof of payments (screenshot of transaction or picture of teller and also transaction reference) while you fill the sign up form. an email will be sent to you with your account details and link after then.

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